These Okidata impact printers make excellent multi-part forms printers. The printers can efficiently populate (fill in the blanks) of professionally pre-printed continuous forms in just a few seconds*.

We have sold and serviced Lexmark Forms Printers for 20 years.

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  • We can also restore your dysfunctional Lexmark dot-matrix printer.
  • Service estimate for this printer is $155.
  • You get a new printer warranty - 12-months.
  • Turnaround is quick: Same day or next business day.
  • Service includes repair and maintenance. External or missing parts are additional if needed
  • Call for details or to arrange for a repair today.
  • Call: 305-624-7005


Refurbished models are available for immediate purchase.

Call for pricing and availability of these or any other models.

    • 9-pin or multi-9-pin format
      • Microline 320 Turbo
      • Microline 321 Turbo (Wider paper carriage)
      • Microline 420 Turbo
      • Microline 421 Turbo (Wider paper carriage)
      • Pacemark 3400 (Wider paper carriage, heavy duty)
      • Pacemark 4400 (Wider paper carriage, heavy duty)
    • 24-pin format
      • Microline 390 Turbo
      • Microline 391 Turbo (Wider paper carriage)
      • Microline 395 Turbo (Wider paper carriage, heavy duty)
      • Microline 490 Turbo
      • Microline 491 Turbo (Wider paper carriage)

    • * Software drivers are available for all Windows operating systems and will allow printing with True-type fonts. However the printers also contain hardware-resident fonts. Using hardware-resident fonts - this printer can typically complete a form in just a few seconds. You can select a desired hardware resident font from the printer's control panel. You must use the Windows proxy driver referred to as "Generic Text" or a similar name in all Windows operating systems. Any other driver will override your font selection.

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