KX-P2000 Series

KX-P2000 Series

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These Panasonic dot-matrix printers are available for users who are familiar with the products, and may prefer these products for their reliability, features, performance, or for compatibility with specific applications.

Software drivers are available for all Windows operating systems and will allow printing with True-type fonts. The printer also contains hardware-resident fonts. You can select a default hardware resident font from the printer's control panel.

We service and sell these printers

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  • We can also restore your dysfunctional Panasonic dot-matrix printer.
  • Service estimate for this printer is $145.
  • You get a new printer warranty - 12-months.
  • Turnaround is quick: Same day or next business day.
  • Service includes repair and maintenance.
  • Call for details or to arrange for a repair today.
  • Call: 305-624-7005


Refurbished models are available for immediate purchase.

Call for pricing and availability of these or any other models.

  • KX-P2023
  • KX-P2130
  • KX-P2135
  • KX-P2123
  • KX-P2124
  • KX-P2180
  • KX-P2624 (wide carriage)

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