Select industrial label printers and multi-part continuous feed impact printers. Repair services.

Our refurbished printers are a cost-effective alternative to buying new. Our refurbishment procedure results in a high quality product that we can warranty with confidence. These refurbished printers are truly rebuilt; not just cleaned. We're confident our printers will perform reliably with perfect print quality and error free paper handling. All our printers are sold with a standard 6-month warranty. Extended warranties are also available.

All printers are thoroughly inspected, tested and sanitized. Our printer products undergo the following to ensure optimal print quality and reliable paper handling:

  • Housing removal for cleaning and removal of foreign objects..
  • Replacement of worn or defective parts.
  • Removal or replacement of messy, deteriorating acoustic foam.
  • Print tests to ensure all print-engine parts are functioning.
  • Quality control focuses primarily on functionality - perfect print quality and reliable paper handling.
  • Communications tested to ensure reliable and working connectivity and output formatting.
  • Multi page document test print to verify successful back to back page registration and separation.
  • Professional packaging. We have had less than 0.1% damage claims or less on all our courier shipments over the past 15 years.

Printer Support Services:

  • Avery Dennison / Monarch label printers repair service.
  • Avery Dennison OEM supplies for industrial table top thermal label printers.
  • Panasonic dot matrix printers repair service. There is no functional problem we cannot fix.
  • Okidata Microline and Pacemark series printer repairs and periodic maintenance services.
  • Epson DFX series printer repair service : DFX-5000,8000,8500,9000.
  • AMT-Datasouth Documax A3300 printer repair service.
  • Onsite printer repairs, configurations, installations and assessments.

Other IT Hardware Support Services:

  • IBM keyboards repairs or rebuilds. (Model M, buckling spring, clicky key type)
  • IBM Wheelwriter repair service. Non-responsive or repeating keyboard keys? Responds to key presses but won't print? No problem.
  • Legacy video mode monitors including TTL type MDA, CGA, and EGA CRT type monitors.
  • Legacy data terminals repairs and rebuilds. Terminal displays and keyboards (IBM, DEC, Link, ADDS/Boundless, Wyse).